A Friendship That Amplifies

It has been said that you are the average of your five closest friends.  To be successful in life, you want to have great people around you that are a positive force and push you to do more.

Nothing could be truer about Jared and Ben’s friendship.

They first met during their freshmen year at Northeastern University, both competing on the Men’s Track & Field team; Jared on the distance squad, and Ben as a sprinter.

Over the next couple years their friendship would grow.  In 2005 they became roommates, and as they say, the rest is history.

Many of their close friends and family say that “Jared and Ben feed off each other.  No matter what the situation, when they are together things escalate.”

They are constantly interacting over phone calls, Skype calls, texting, email; you name it.  Thoughts are discussed, concepts are formed, and back and forth they go with more and more ideas, constantly pushing each other for something greater.

It is only right that they decided to simultaneously launch businesses in order to pursue their dreams.

Through Treps Journey they hope to empower and inspire others to live out their dreams by providing a place to turn to for knowledge and motivation.

We hope you’ll begin your journey with us.

Jared & Ben


About Jared (aka JP)

Jared is a serial entrepreneur, and is currently involved in four different businesses ranging from finance and life coaching to real estate investing. 

He is also a life-long learner.  His thirst for knowledge stems from a desire to create opportunities for himself and others.

Years ago, Jared discovered that his true passion was taking all that he learns, distilling it, and using it to help those around him.  This drives him to read at least a book a week on top of listening to podcasts, reading articles, magazines, etc.

Jared and his 3 siblings were raised by their single mother.  Childhood was characterized by being on welfare, food stamps, and not being able to afford things normally taken for granted like Lacrosse cleats in his first year of High School.  These types of experiences have provided him with a deep conviction to work hard and fight for what he wants and believes in.

Jared’s mindset could be summed up by saying, “Nothing in life is given to you, but everything you desire can be earned!”

Outside of the business world, Jared is addicted to being in motion.  He loves working out and playing all types of sports. 

He has 3 siblings, and during the holidays he is surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends.

In 2013 Jared’s mother passed away from cancer.  During her life, she embodied the spirit of selflessness and helping others.  Through her family and friends, her legacy has continued on in many ways.

For years Jared has been involved in volunteer organizations and events.  In 2016, he and a friend started a charity golf tournament to help raise awareness and support the fight against cancer and muscular dystrophy.

Treps Journey is truly a manifestation of Jared’s desire to help others live better lives by taking action and building their dreams.

To see what else Jared is working on and to connect with him on social media, see the below links:

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About Ben

Ben has had entrepreneurship in his blood from the beginning. It first started with reverse engineering gimp bracelets and selling them to his elementary school classmates and has progressed from there.

IoClothes – Ben's Smart Textiles Social Network and Consulting Company

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