#004: Team Trep's 3-Month Recap


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

As JP and Ben near the 3-month mark in their Treps Journey, they look back on what has happened and try to assess where they could have done better out of the gates.

The guys break down where they made mistakes and offer ideas for Treps nearing the launch of their businesses for how they can make the first 3 months as successful as possible.

Show Notes:

·      The guys catch up on the past week.  [0:38]

·      JP discusses his views on content marketing and the best way to build your initial email list.  [1:42]

·      Ben lands his first clients/contracts of his new firm.  [2:23]

·      JP shares the Treps Hack of the week.  [3:52]

·      The guys discuss the value of utilizing “time within time.”  [6:24]

·      JP and Ben recap the first few months of being out on their own as “Treps.”  [7:50]

·      Ben describes what his initial vision was for the first few months in business, and what actually happened.  [9:08]

·      How to make sure your back isn’t “against the wall” as you start your business, and why this is important.  [12:49]

·      JP dives deeper in to the first few months of his start-up.  [14:12]

·      What things did JP realize he could have done differently before he left his former employer to help quicken the ramp up, and some ideas for listeners.  [15:30]

·      The value of having something created as opposed to waiting for perfection.  [17:42]

·      JP struggles with logo design, and how he fought off the roadblock of striving for “perfection.”  [18:22]

·      What will make or break your company at the end of the day.  [21:21]

·      The different approaches JP and Ben took to logo design, website development, and why they made those decisions.  [22:28]

·      What is the “storefront” of the digital age and why it’s important.  [28:44]

·      JP and Ben give their recommendations on what new entrepreneurs should consider doing to make the first few months in business as productive and positive as it can be.  [34:34]

More Resources/Tools:

·      Audible

·      The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

·      ioClothes.com

·      Twitter and their logo changes over the years

·      Squarespace

·      fiverr

·      Upwork

·      Wordpress

·      How to create an executive summary