#010: To Partner or Not to Partner, That Is The Question


New entrepreneurs launching a business will often be faced with a big question:  Should you partner, or should you go it alone?

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss and evaluate the benefits of partnering with others for your business venture.  They go over the pros and cons, discuss their experiences so far, and hit upon some reasons why you definitely don’t want to partner.

They also go over the important things that are an absolute must if you do decide to partner.

Show Notes:

·      JP and Ben catch up on the past week’s events.  [0:35]

·      Ben updates on IoClothes and how the company is pivoting. [2:50]

·      JP gives us the Treps Hack of the day.  [7:06]

·      The guys get into this week’s main topic – Partnerships.  [10:30]

·      Should you be considering getting “funded” by venture capital?  [15:10]

·      The advantage of being a small startup versus a big corporation.  [21:50]

·      One example of a bad reason to partner with someone.  [25:04]

·      Ben discusses his experience partnering with people through start-up weekend and going through MassChallenge.  [25:32]

·      The importance of referring back to your “why” and the reason you are creating the business.  [27:24]

·      JP wraps up the show with some closing thoughts on what you should consider before entering into a partnership.  [30:33]

Resources and Links:

·      Ben’s former venture:  Sensible Baby

·      Startup weekend

·      Masschallenge

·      12 Reasons to Stop Multitasking Now!