#016: What Is "Success" for You?


In the world of entrepreneurship, it can be a slippery slope comparing yourself to every other business around.  One of the most difficult things is balancing between financial success, and what you may view as the right lifestyle.

As a new entrepreneur, taking time to define both success and failure can be one of the most helpful exercises you can go through.

In this week’s episode, JP and Ben discuss how they define success and failure, and talk about some of the ways it has evolved for them throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      Treps Journey Episode #2:  Do You Know Your “Why?”

·      Treps Journey Episode #3:  Creating Your Personal Vision

Show Notes:

·      Jared and Ben catch up on the past week’s events.  [0:35]

·      Ben and JP discuss their new Podcasts launching in the coming weeks.  [6:45]

·      The guys update us on the podcast launch.  [9:05]

·      Ben give us the Treps Hack of the day.  [12:30]

·      The guys get into the main topic of the show – What is success?  [16:35]

·      Ben discusses his recent conversation with his accountant and why he’s not seeking outside funding for his company.  [20:30]

·      The balance between the type of company you want to build and the lifestyle you want.  [24:10]

·      The five levels of financial success in a business.  [25:22]

·      What amount of credibility does a business owner deserve based on valuations.  [32:00]

·      The guys discuss failure.  [36:30