#014: Launch Day For Treps Journey


It’s the official launch day for the Treps Journey Podcast.

Jared and Ben are excited about the launch, and dive into the things they have been doing to prepare, as well as the tactics they will be using over the coming weeks to promote the show.

The guys also discuss how they define “success” for the show.

Resources and Links:

·      Squarespace.com

·      123rf.com

·      fiverr.com

Show Notes:

·      Ben and Jared reveal big news to everyone and update on what’s going on.  [0:35]

·      Jared gives us the Treps Hack of the week.  [5:30]

·      Ben updates on his activities over the last week.  [8:30]

·      Ben and Jared discuss what they define as success for the podcast.  [17:00]

·      Jared updates on what he has been doing over the past week.  [28:35]

·      Ben talks about the importance of authenticity.  [35:37]

·      Jared digs further into the launch plan.  [37:20]