#019: Life As A Digital Nomad - Part 2


As the Treps Journey team continues their path through the world of being a digital nomad, Jared updates us on life in Medellín, Colombia.

You’ll also hear about how a mounting list of to-dos can cause serious stress.

And lastly, we begin to hear stories of how the digital nomad lifestyle can suck you in and keep you forever.  Beware!  ;)

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      Bear Tunnel - VPN Service

·      Shopify.com

·      Hubspot

·      Canva.com

Show Notes:

·      Ben discusses a personal freak-out he had recently.  [2:55]

·      This week’s Treps Hack of the week – Canva.com.  [19:45]

·      JP discusses his transition to Medellín, Colombia.  [27:35]

·      What it’s like to have prospects reach out to you from other countries?  [33:30]

·      Why moving abroad during the early stages of a business could be a great way to hack your expenses and give you a long runway.  [42:00]

·      Jared discusses his routine in Medellín.  [47:30]