#020: The Importance Of Taking Action


“You could have all the knowledge in the world, but if you just sit on your couch and watch Netflix and do nothing with it, that knowledge is worthless, because you didn’t act on it.  It’s not power.  Knowledge is only powerful if it is put to use.” – Jared Paul

In entrepreneurship, and in life, one of the hardest things to do is to actually take action.  This could be in regards to opening your own business or any other change you want to see in your life.

In this week’s episode, the guys roll up their sleeves and get into what it really takes to be successful in the business world, and in life.  They discuss the importance of taking action, and go over some specific strategies you can use to help take action.

Tactics To Help You Take Action:

1 – If there is something you’ve been meaning to do, schedule it on your calendar and stick too it!

2 – Set a task and reward yourself for getting it done.

3 – Set penalties for not getting something done. (www.stickk.com)

4 – Create public accountability.  Tell everyone what you are planning to do.

5 – Break things down into more manageable tasks.  Bite-sized goals to help you move forward.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      www.appsumo.com

·      “The Inspirational Power Of Action” – Treps Journey Blog

·      Peter Thiel

·      Steve Jobs

·      Gary Vaynerchuk

·      www.stickk.com 

Show Notes:

·      The guys catch up on what’s going on in their parts of the world.  [0:40]

·      What it takes to grow emotionally and psychologically.  [7:28]

·      JP gives us the Treps Hack of the week – AppSumo.  [13:40]

·      The importance of taking action.  [18:10]

·      Why the saying “knowledge is power” is false.  [22:14]

·      Additional benefits of taking action.  [36:45]