#018: Life As A Digital Nomad


In today’s technology-fueled world, the ability to work from anywhere around the globe has become increasingly easier.

Enter:  The rise of the Digital Nomad!

In this episode, the guys dive into the first couple weeks of Ben’s transition to living in South-East Asia.  They discuss the benefits of moving abroad, the tools and tactics being used to help, and the difficulties that have surfaced.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      Skype.com for phone service while abroad

Show Notes:

·      The guys catch up on the past week.  [0:35]

·      Jared discusses his recent thoughts on target marketing.  [8:25]

·      The guys discuss Bulletproof Coffee.  [12:10]

·      Ben gives us this week’s Treps Hack – How to keep your phone functioning while abroad.  [13:20]

·      Ben gets into the last couple weeks as the family has transitioned to living a digital nomad lifestyle.  [32:20]

·      Ben discusses the professional challenges of being a digital nomad.  [36:49]

·      The biggest piece of advice for anyone transitioning to another location for work.  [39:50]

·      How to organize your calendar when in a different part of the world than your clients.  [47:50]

·      How to set up your mail when you’re out of the country.  [49:10]

·      Ben discusses the cost of living in South-East Asia.  [51:00]

·      How to maximize your output while living abroad.  [60:20]