#023: Self-Awareness


Self-awareness is a powerful trait that can help you reach levels of success you might not think possible.

Unfortunately, most people (entrepreneurs included!) don’t take time to reflect on who they truly are, and what their strengths are.  Only by doing this will you know the right path to travel down.

In this episode, the guys discuss their journey through increasing their own self-awareness.  They talk about what they’ve learned about themselves, and how they are continuing to improve on this important topic.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      The Capable Wealth Podcast

·      The IoClothes Podcast

·      IoClothes Platform

Show Notes:

·      The Treps Hack of the week.  [14:05]

·      The guys get into the main topic – self-awareness.  [24:50]

·      Ben discusses a reoccurring dream he had during his first start up.  [37:20]

·      What are the most critical things for Ben to be successful.  [39:00]

·      The importance of taking time to think without distraction.  [43:15]