#031: The Struggle To Delegate


As a small business begins to grow, it will run into many obstacles - this is natural.  But one of the biggest speedbumps most entrepreneurs fail to account for is themselves.

By failing to get out of your own way (i.e. – Failing to properly delegate), entrepreneurs will slow the progress of their business, and minimize the overall potential.

In this episode, the guys discuss their own struggle to delegate.  You’ll hear about recent hiring decisions they’ve made, and ways they’ve failed to offload work they should.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      Treps Journey Episode #30 – You Must “Fail”

·      Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

·      Treps Journey Episode #20 – The Importance Of Taking Action

Show Notes:

·      JP talks about his recently hiring a bookkeeper.  [2:00]

·      JP talks about some great videos he recently saw about following your dreams.  [8:35]

·      The guys talk about a recent story about how quickly life can end, and how important it is to not delay your dreams.  [13:35]

·      Your Treps Hack for the week.  [18:50]

·      Why comparing yourself to Jeff Bezos can help you be a better delegator.  [28:00]

·      How Warren Buffett accomplishes so much while protecting his time.  [37:50