#027: Update- Hiring and Firing Virtual Assistants


“Hire slow, fire fast.”

Hiring your first employees can be an exciting time.  On one hand, it’s a sign that things are looking good for your business and moving in the right direction.  On another hand, it can mean added stress of having to go through the hiring process, and manage those employees once they are officially a part of your organization.

The key in all of this is to find the right people.  And, at times, get rid of the wrong people.

In this episode, we hear from Ben on his recent experiences working with V.A.’s, and even hear about his difficult decision to let go of a V.A. that didn’t work out.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      Virtual Staff Finder – Resource to find Virtual Assistants

·      Good To Great by Jim Collins

Show Notes:

·      Ben updates us on some changes he’s made in the world of virtual assistants and his experiences.  [11:30]

·      The importance of having the “right people on the bus.”  [28:00]