#032: What Are We Afraid Of?


For many would-be entrepreneurs, there is a constant struggle with fear.

What will people think of me if I leave my current job?  What will happen if the business fails?  What will my family and friends think if I don’t succeed?

Thoughts like these can leave you with doubt, and cause you to delay taking action.

In today’s episode, the guys discuss how they’ve battled through fear.  You’ll hear about ways they’ve been able to overcome fear, and how fear continues to slow certain areas of focus.

Selected Resources and Links from the Episode:

·      The IoClothes Podcast

·      Capital Region Classic Website

Show Notes:

·      How small steps build upon each other into big progress.  [7:00]

·      How content marking efforts have been paying off for Ben and his company, IoClothes.  [13:50]

·      Ben updates us on recent change to his sales division.  [15:20]

·      JP gives us the Treps Hack of the week.  [20:50]

·      Ben discusses how his vlogging has been slow-moving because of letting fear get in the way.  [29:40]

·      How accountability can help push you through the early phases of awkwardness and unsureness in a new endeavor.  [31:50]

·      How to become comfortable with uncomfortable situations, like public speaking.  [34:30]

·      Reasons why people don’t launch the business they want to.  [35:25]

·      The importance of tribes on the decisions you make and the actions you take.  [39:02]

·      How some of your friends might be why you’re procrastinating the launch of your business.  [42:10]

·      The importance of Fear-Setting and.  [45:00