#033: What Is The Real Risk?


When you finally leave your job, and venture out into the world of entrepreneurship, there are bound to be many difficulties you’ll encounter.

As would-be entrepreneurs contemplate their leap, they think heavily about all of the risks that they face.

But what about the risks you face by staying put in your corporate job?

In today’s episode, JP and Ben discuss some recent events at their former employer, and dive into the type of risks you must deal with in corporate America.


Selected Resources and Links from the Episode

·      Ben’s Vlog on 5G implications in Smart Textiles

·      Ep #18 of Capable Wealth Podcast – How To Create Passive Income And Stop Working


Show Notes

·      Ben shares a story on rejection, not closing on a deal, and how to bounce back.  [18:45]

·      Ben gives us this week’s Treps hack.  [30:00]

·      How to source ideas for content creation.  [33:15]

·      The guys dive into today’s main topic – What is risk?  [35:10]

·      Why starting a business doesn’t have to be just for passion - it can be the safer choice.  [41:25]