#034: Pivoting Is Improving


If you’re going full-steam ahead with your business and not taking time to pick your head up and adjust course, you could find yourself on the wrong path.

Having goals and objectives are always a good way to conduct business, but not being flexible to adapt to information can cost you in the long run.

In today’s episode, JP and Ben discuss how pivoting is more than just changing, it’s about improving.


Selected Resources and Links from the Episode

·      Paper.li – Content aggregator


Show Notes

·      Ben celebrates his 1-year anniversary of IoClothes.  [1:00]

·      Ben gives us this week’s Treps Hack.  [6:10]

·      The guys get into today’s main topic – Pivoting Is Improving.  [10:30]

·      Why it can be difficult to pivot away from a goal even though you know it is no longer applicable.  [12:40]

·      When Grittiness can hurt you.  [15:20]

·      The power and importance of speaking to customers for feedback.  [25:50]

·      Why your vision of a good service offering might not meet the markets demand.  [29:28]

·      Why having a strong understanding of psychology can help entrepreneurs.  [33:43]