#037: Taking Advice


One of the best things you can do as a new entrepreneur is get yourself a mentor, and solicit as much feedback and advice from others as possible.

But how do you know which pieces of advice are worth following, and which you should kindly disregard.

In today’s episode, the guys talk about how they think about advice-taking.  The discuss tactics they use to absorb any advice they receive, and how they filter through the masses of opinions in order to find those worth listening to.


Selected Resources and Links from the Episode

·      Principles by Ray Dalio

·      Bridgewater Associates – Ray Dalio’s Hedge Fund

·      Ep #11 of the Capable Wealth Podcast – Real Estate Investing Is Awesome – 5 Reasons Why


Show Notes

·      Ben talks about the difference between professional life and being a dad.  [4:15]

·      Ben gives us this week’s Treps Hack.  [7:00]

·      The guys get into the main topic of the show.  [10:15]

·      How Ray Dalio uses relevance-weighted voting to make decisions at Bridgewater Capital.  [14:45]

·      Tai Lopez vs Elon Musk.  [19:25]

·      JP discusses his experience with taking advice around real estate investing.  [21:50]

·      The necessity of decisiveness even when evaluating advice.  [25:30]

·      Ben tells us about his experience working with the Army and their decision-making process.  [26:30]