#046: The Importance of Life Long Learning


If you were to travel the world, where would you go?

The underlying fact in this question is that you can’t choose to travel to a place if you have never heard of it – you simply don’t know it exists, yet.

Only after learning about a particular place’s existence, can you make the decision to go there.

The same concept applies to all facets of life.  If you aren’t aware of the possibilities, how can you ever dream to do or be something.

In this episode, the guys get into the topic of life-long learning, and how it can play an important role in the success of not just entrepreneurs, but people from all walks of life.


Selected Resources and Links from the Episode

·      DocuSign – Electronic Signature Tool

·      Kahn Academy – Free online learning

·      Coursera – Online courses and learning

·      Tai Lopez


Show Notes

·      Ben gives us an update on his video series “30 in 30.”  [4:22]

·      JP gives us this week’s Treps Hack.  [6:00]

·      The importance of life-long learning.  [9:45]

·      The concept of your personal map and how to fill it in.  [11:35]

·      Why top CEOs read one book per week.  [14:10]

·      The biggest thing Ben learned in Graduate School.  [16:30]

·      What Jared has learned about English by learning Spanish.  [27:00]

·      Ben tells a story about a field trip to a carpet factory.  [29:00]

·      The debate between staying hyper focused and looking outside for inspiration.  [32:00]

·      Why older financial advisors are retiring from the industry instead of adapting to new times.  [37:40]